Training Video / MUAY THAI / CLINCH & KNEES

Training Video / 28.02.17
Come a little closer! And check Greg Wootton breaking down a great technical and cardio drill to integrate clinch & knees to your weekly routine.

Key Take-Away Points

> This is a 5-10 min drill

> CONTROL : Tight guard / training partner should not be able to bring his/her arms inside guard or easily place knee or come out of the clinch

> EFFICIENCY : Pointy knee / bring the heel as high as possible to keep the kneecap a sharp as possible

> RHYTHM : Rhythm of the knee set up by stepping back and bringing hips in front afterwards

> REALISM : Keep it serious by moving your opponent or training partner around in order to mimic dynamics of a fight

> And of course… Keep it PLAYFUL! This drill is hard on your partners neck by nature. No need to overdo it…